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Thursday, May 20, 2010


My sister-in-law is a PartyLite Consulant for, yep, you guessed it! PartyLite! She just started not too long ago and she's already a pro (my opinion). I have ordered the Cross Wall Scone Set, Beer Bread Mix and the Outrageously Garlic Blend. I love the crosses, they really make my living room look nice. The Beer Bread Mix is my favorite and have bought two from her actually. I take the Garlic Blend (make it the way the back of the bottle says) and spread it on the bread, oh so yummy! Plus you can take the blend and season steaks, potatoes, soups, etc. I also have some Acai Berry Mist Votive Candles (my mom-in-law gave me some for my crosses) and they have a great smell when lit. I will have to order more of those, plus I would love to try the Banana Leaf Votive Candles. If you would like to order something from PartyLite here is my sis-in-laws direct link. If you would like to book a party through her (earn some great stuff) just let me know and I will get the information to you. www.partylite.biz/leamunyon Check it out!!! Also, she does a monthly drawing for any orders placed on her website. It can range anywhere from a set of free dozen candles to a $25 gift certificate.

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